Our hobbies are expensive enough, let us cut the fat and save you some money

Welcome to Manly Gear Reviews! My name is Austin and I decided to create this site to hopefully help and save other outdoor and gun enthusiast some time and money when researching guns, safes, optics and other outdoor items.

Like many other outdoor enthusiast, I constantly find myself in need of new gear. Whether its a need or a want, $5 to $5000, I am an excessive researcher when making a purchase of any size. This has led to many late nights and lots of dollars wasted trying to figure out where my hard earned money would be best spent.

Many times (if funds permit), I end up buying multiple items I’m comparing and list the items that don’t quite measure up to my standards on eBay.

I have found that whether I am hunting, hiking, overlanding, camping or backpacking the addition of quality gear has made those trips that much more enjoyable.

My wife ribs me saying I have too many hobbies and it is like they areĀ on a carousel. 2 or 3 will be at the forefront until seasons change, friends change interest or (the best one) if the wife gets interested! Then some get put on the back-burner (sorry mountain biking) to make room for more (hello coyote calling).

Currently, coyote calling is at the forefront for where I’m spending most of my time outdoors. A close follow up is taking my built 2000 4runner (build post coming soon) out on the trails as its an easy way to include the entire family.

Whatever your passion, hopefully we can narrow your search and save you a couple bucks.

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