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How to Cook Filet Mignon on the Kamado Joe - Manly Gear Reviews

How to Cook Filet Mignon on the Kamado Joe

By 05/16/2017BBQ
Filet Mignon on the Kamado Joe

Filet Mignon, the king of the steak cuts. Does it need anything special when cooked on a kamado style cooker? The answer is…kind of.

Lets keep things simple. What makes kamado style grills such as our Kamado Joe so wonderful can also prevent us from cooking foods in standard ways. Steaks for instance. Since kamado grills hold heat so well, once you get the temperature up it’s near impossible to bring it back down in a reasonable amount of time. This means doing a quick sear on a thick cut steak then cooking it indirect is not going to happen on a Kamado Joe.

Luckily there still is a delicious way to cook steak on a Kamado Joe without starting with a flash sear. Its called a reverse sear. Lets get started.

Seasoned veggies and steak about to go on kamado joe

Were doing a quick dinner with some bacon wrapped filets, halved bell peppers and a quartered zucchini. Top the steaks with your favorite steak seasoning or salt and pepper. Our veggies were hit with olive oil and steak seasoning before hand.

Bacon wrapped reverse sear filet mignon

Once you heat up your Kamado Joe to 300-350 go ahead and put the filet mignons on the indirect side, or in this case over the heat diffuser plate. I use the diffuser plates 99% of the time as I like starting the fire in the middle of the Kamado Joe.

Indirect Cooking Filet Mignon

Depending on how thick your steaks are, you may need to flip them half way through their journey to the magical 120 degree mark (if you want rare plus or medium rare after searing that is). These filets may look small but it’s just because they are on a Big Joe.

Reverse searing filet mignon kamado joe

Once they get to your desired temperature go ahead and pull them and wrap them in tinfoil. Open up the vents on the Kamado Joe and get the fire screaming hot. Once things are hot enough, throw the steaks on the direct side for about a minute each side. Nows a good time to get the veggies going as well. Even though the heat diffuser plate is in, the fire is hot enough to get some good color on the zucchini. (peppers not pictured)

Grilled Filet Mignon Reverse searedRare plus filet mignon kamado joe

Here we are, a perfect medium rare. I personally have become a fan of the reverse sear as it allows that smokey charcoal taste we all know and love from the Kamado Joe to get into the steak before we finish it off with an awesome sear. Time to eat these steaks!


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